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Why SVG images are not working?
.NET doesn't support SVG format.
A workaround is to convert SVG to PNG during rendering, see Rendering SVG images.

WPF support?
Yep, WPF is fully supported.

Mono support?
Yep, Mono is fully supported.

Silverlight support?
Not currently but as WPF supported it won't be too hard to add, care to contribute?

Metro, Xamarin, Unity or XNA support?
I believe it can be done and won't be very hard.
Is it something that enough people would like to see?

What about Java Script?
Java script is extremely hard to support so it is not on the road-map.

Why can't I navigate to a URL?
HTML Renderer is not a web-browser.

Can I generate image from HTML?
Yep, see Image generation.

Can I generate PDF document from HTML?
Yep, see PDF generation.
Currently powered by PdfSharp but it is quite easy to add more frameworks like iTextSharp

Can you sign the library with strong-name?
No, strong name is the devil (Strong Name signing is a huge religious war).
You can sign the dll yourself, see Adding a Strong Name to an existing DLL.

Can I contribute?
Sure! go to ArthurHub/HTML-Renderer on GitHub and fork away.

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