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Released: Nov 29, 2012
Updated: Jun 10, 2014 by ArthurTep
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Release Notes

Added support
  • Support ex measurement value
  • Line-Height style
  • Multiple comma separated fonts in font-family style
  • Basic support for height style (as min-height only)
  • CSS class on specific html element (img.someClass)
  • CSS class on specific html element by id (#id)
  • Hierarchical CSS selector, also with direct parent (p class1 > div.class2)
  • Partial handling for block boxes inside inline boxes (<span>one <p>two</p> three</span>)

  • Fix HtmlLabel to better act as a control (AutoSize, AutoSizeHeightOnly, MinSize, MaxSize)
  • Fix RemoveHtmlComments bug creating infinite loop
  • Fix RemoveStylesheetComments not removing all comments
  • Fix html actual size calculation
  • Respect set top location on HtmlContainer and HtmlRender
  • Respect max height by clipping graphics
  • Fix html decoding
  • Fix font-width inherit style causes bold text
  • Fix extra whitespace between words with inline elements
  • Fix underline and background color going beyond word end
  • Fix font-size style in pixels calculation
  • Fix font css style been overwritten
  • If given font family is not supported by .net set style to inherit and not use .net default serif font
  • More "br" element handling fix
  • Fix "monospace" font to be "Courier New" as monospace is not TrueTrype font and so not supported.
  • Handle inline elements that have only whitespaces.

  • Full featured HtmlRender
  • Proper HtmlLabel and HtmlPanel API
  • Renamed RootContainer to HtmlContainer
  • Changed SetBounds to Location and MaxSize properties
  • Change MaximumSize property name to ActualSize
  • Changed parsing of complex css styles

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