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HTML Pages with table spanning multiple pages not rendered completely for PDF generation.


        I  am currently working with HTML Renderer, which is superb, seamlessly fast than other PDF generator available. I  experienced it's fast pdf generation too.

        But while dealing with HTML having HTML which spans across multiple pages i faced some problems like given below:

             1. incomplete PDF generated on only first page, All remaining pages remains blank.

        I Have provided PDF generated. Please look through it & suggest me something to avoid or correct this error.
In addition i have tested the demo provided with the source code. in which html which containing tables are not generate PDF completely. Please check Tables Section to generate PDF, See bottom Table in generated PDF. To workaround it i am trying to generate table layout using divs which works for table spanning multiple pages but generating complex table structure using supported CSS tags is not working correctly.

tmp37F8.pdf --- generated by HtmlRenderer WinForms Demo.exe

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FishMittens wrote Apr 18, 2016 at 2:26 AM

Did you come up with a solution to this? I am having a similar problem