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Released: Mar 10, 2013
Updated: Jun 10, 2014 by ArthurTep
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Release Notes

  • Fix tooltip max size handling (thx deviantus)
  • Fix parsing error with element containing psedo class and style (thx deviantus)
  • Fix HtmlPanel, HtmlLabel huge text bug (thx deviantus)
  • Fix not parsing css style if contained in html comment
  • Fix parsing of unknown single elements <bla />
  • Fix parsing if text ends with closing of single tag
  • Fix links not working if defined with display:block
  • Fix RTL text rendering (שלום,)
  • Fix and improved rich text (HTML) copy-paste handing
    • Fix paste not working to browsers
    • Clean pasted html style from default style
    • Fix spaces added in copied html
    • Correct html fragment placement - not to include not selected blocks
    • Handle Unicode
  • Improve html parsing for edge cases related to block elements inside inline elements
    • Fix CorrectBlockInsideInline creating deep hierarchy
    • Fix CorrectBlockInsideInline creating empty blocks\boxes
    • Fix CorrectBlockInsideInline bad performance
  • Native border for HtmlPanel/HtmlLabel (thx Richard)
  • Adds OS hand cursor support (thx Richard)
  • Fix events invocation race condition (thx Richard)
  • Improve extensibility by making methods protected virtual (thx Richard)
  • Use GenericTypographic format in GDI+ text redering for better layout.
  • Fully support GDI+ rendering for using in WinForms controls (configurable)

  • Improve GDI+ text rendering by rounding text position
  • Change GDI+ default TextRenderingHint to AntiAlias
  • Fix breaking urls when loading downloaded stylesheet
  • Add GetElementRectangle to HtmlPanel and HtmlLabel
  • Better handling when YouTube/Vimeo video returns Not Found
  • Properly handle white-space "pre-line" and "pre-wrap" styles
  • Fix html comment handling
  • Fix case-senssitive url in css not working properly

  • fix BitBlt signature to resolve PInvoke unstable debug issue
  • fix render to image no filling min width
  • fix RenderToImageGdiPlus not actually using GDI+
  • add GetElementRectangle to get element rectangle by element id
  • add ScrollToElement to scroll HtmlPanel to specific element by id
  • fix GetAttributeAt not working for some elements (images/frames)

  • Add GDI+ text rendering support
  • Add GDI+ static rendering methods in HtmlRender
  • Add RenderToImage on existing image to act as background
  • Add support for synchronous image loading, used by HtmlRender.
  • Add SelectedText, SelectedHtml to get selected text/html.
  • Improve HtmlRender documentation
  • Handle relative URLs in downloaded stylesheet.
  • Fix html attributes case sensitivity
  • Fix element height not respected
  • Fix index out of range exception in table layout (thx Kublia)
  • Fix error with empty lines and RTL
  • Fix floating point values handling
  • Fix mm and cm units factor
  • Fix table width not respected and incorrect unit handling
  • Fix table columns width incorrect unit handling
  • Handle when all table cells width is provided but smaller than set table width

  • Fix invalid table width detection (Thx Nikolay!)
  • Fix tooltip popup possition
  • Add tooltip CSS class change support

  • fix error in html parsing with single tags having closing tag as well
  • fix rendering error for html without root element
  • change the order of filling background (first) color and drawing background image (second)
  • fix br tags handling (not creating empty lines in some cases)
  • fix incorrect box width calculation in some cases
  • fix text selection on scrollbars click/drag
  • fix selection not clearing after selection text by going outside of control bound and then clicking on selected text

  • added HtmlRender.RenderToImage to handle GDI text rendering into an image (AA isues).
  • fix static render not disposing HtmlComponent.
  • propagate LinkClicked exception from client intercept.
  • fix rounding issues with borders, background and images.

  • Fix RTL support
  • Fix padding on line wrap
  • Fix div height limit with overflow: hidden
  • Fix table layout issues
  • Fix table width not handling colspan correctly
  • Fix mouse cursor change on links
  • Fix anchor link not always working
  • Update sample htmls

  • Better list-item support (thx ShaLi)
  • Fix label auto size height bug (thx jensrodi)
  • Fix background color with justify text
  • Fix transparent text support
  • Fix image layout bugs

  • Native GDI text rendering (see: The wonders of text rendering and GDI)
    • Improved text look
    • Performance improvement (60% - 70%)
  • Support late image loading
    • Delay loading images not in visible rectangle
    • Configurable using 'AvoidImagesLateLoading'
  • Improve text selection
  • General 5%-8% performance improvement
  • Fixes to html decoding
  • Handle Asian characters wrapping
  • Fixed white-space:nowrap handling
  • Support links to anchors
  • Support size attribute on font element
  • Support word-break: break-all (thx Tancy)
  • Support dotted/dashed borders (thx Tancy)
  • Support background-repeat (thx Tancy)
  • Support background-position
  • Added 'GetLinkAt' and 'GetAttributeAt' helper methods (thx Tancy)

  • Better support for bullet styles (almost all of them)
  • Set default "vertical-align" style for "tr" elements to middle
  • Fix "vertical-align" style not working correctly in table cell on resize
  • Fix bullets not respecting table cell vertical layout
  • Fix incorrect width and auto width calculation with borders, padding, margin.
  • Fix case sensitivity in inline styles
  • Better html tooltip with links support

  • Fix whitespace removed in some cases
  • Fix list-item not respecting padding/margin
  • Fix empty inline element with given width handling
  • Fix copy plain and html text issues

  • Support ::selection style
  • Support custom fonts by HtmlRender.AddFontFamily (thx TheRhinoDude)
  • Support not installed fonts mapping by HtmlRender.AddFontFamilyMapping
  • Fix parsing error in DecodeHtmlCharByCode (thx plympton)
  • Fix error parsing html regarding block inside inline box
  • Make html parser more resilient to errors
  • Fix incorrect block inside inline box parsing
  • Fix incorrect height calculation
  • Fix css selectors being case sensitive
  • Fix text-decoration style handling
  • Improve images resources handling after dispose
  • Handle width style for inline elements

  • Target .NET 2.0
  • Stylesheet load
    • Load stylesheet from web
    • StylesheetLoad event that allows overwrite the loaded style sheet
  • Iframes and embedded video
    • Show error border for iframes
    • Support YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos by download thumbnail, title and full video link.
  • Context-menu
    • Copy / select all on text
    • Copy link address / open link for links
    • Copy image URL / copy image / save image as for images
    • Open video / copy video url for embedded videos
    • IsContextMenuEnabled allows to disable the context menu
    • Multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish)
  • IsSelectionEnabled allows to disable the html content selection
  • Add support for 'overflow' style (only hidden and visible values), default-visible
  • 'tr' and 'th' elements have overflow: hidden by default
  • Add support for rgba color (style="color: rgba(0,255,90,120)")
  • Add visibility style support
  • Add white smoke image border while loading the image
  • Basic handling absolute position style
  • Documentation (work in progress)

  • Release used memory when setting html to null
  • Border style parsing improvement
  • Border paint improvements
  • Html parsing - remove regex usage
  • Html parsing - reduce objects creation
  • About 5%-8% improvement for small-medium htmls and up to 30% for large htmls.

  • Max width layout
    • Elements that exceed the max width will not effect other elements.
    • Images will respect max width when it's own width is not set.
    • Images will respect max-width style
    • Tables will respect max-width style
  • HtmlContainer.GetHtml always returns inline styles (ISSUE 8518, thx JohnCJ)
  • Whitespaces between words handling (use StringFormat.GenericTypographic)
  • Preformatted text style.
  • Globalization issues.
  • Ignore '!important' in CSS style.
  • Ignore invalid colors in CSS style.
  • Ignore invalid length values in CSS style.
  • Better "hr" element handling (height, background color, borders, IE computability)
  • Table border default style matching IE.
  • Table layout with invalid rowspan/colspan.
  • Table cellpadding/border handle on table with theader and tbody elements.
  • Table without cells breaking layout.
  • Table 'auto' layout exceeding max width of the containing block.
  • Table cells width calculating not including word spacing.
  • 'Fixed' table layout where table width is larger than total columns widths.
  • Html characters decode (entities1, entities2)
  • Line wrap not respecting left margin\padding for wrapped inline element.
  • Whitespaces ignored if in separate element.
  • Image icon staying loading on failure when no image size is given.
  • Treat inline-block as regular block.
  • Copy plain text handle spaces between words correctly.
  • Block box inside inline box in table breaks table layout.
  • Html element parsing (no white space after element name created parsing errors)
  • Don't allow changing display style to table elements.
  • Style classes are case sensitive.
  • Not providing max width to HtmlContainer for html to fit any size.
  • AutoSize handling in HtmlLabel.
  • display: none element breaking layout.
  • '-' char can break word to new-line.
  • Element padding on line wrap.
  • Margin with percentage value.
  • Demo project improvements.

Reviews for this release

This is the most ambitious project on Codeplex. Great job!
by jeremychild on Mar 11, 2013 at 10:27 PM
It just works! This is exactly the tool we were looking for to get a web page into jpg form. It is so simple to use, and the web page image can be generated with just one line of code. So far, I have only experienced one bug, which the dev found a fix for within a few days. This just seems like a very well done project.
by JohnVins on Feb 27, 2014 at 3:18 PM
Absolute great project and excellent work from the developer. Keep going!
by werker on Jan 13, 2014 at 4:50 PM