The rich formating power of HTML in your .NET applications without WebBrowser control or MSHTML.


Getting Started

  • Download the binaries.
  • Run the Demo application
    • Check HTMLs showcasing renderer capabilities.
    • Paste your own HTML to see the power of the renderer.
  • Add the dll to Visual Studio Toolbox
  • Drag-n-drop Html WinForms controls on your controls.
  • Set the Text property with HTML and see it renders.


For years, I (Jose) have been planning for a project like this. I prepared my self quite well. I went through the entire CSS Level 2 specification along with the HTML 4.01 specification.

One of the most interesting things I found is this: Drawing HTML is no more than laying out a bunch of boxes with borders margins and padding's. Once you overpass this paradigm, everything else is to help the code actually place the boxes on the right place, and then paint the string each box contains.

In October 2012 I (Arthur) was looking to replace the usage of WinForms WebBrowser control by something that can render complex html and have good performance and stability characteristics.

HTML Renderer project showed great promise but had significant performance issues, lacked many features and wasn't updated for more than 3 years. Realizing there is no alternative I embraced the project making it my baby.


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