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Fantastic! "Where've you been all my life..."

Dec 10, 2012 at 9:32 PM

This is great, thank you very much.

I love using Html output for logging or progress reports or small data reports in my apps. I've got a little HTML writer class to output basic report headers, lines, icons, etc. 

Previously I've tried to use various browser integrations or a 3rd party HTML control - all of which worked but had shortcomings I couldn't fix. (And before HTML I did the same with RTF - but it has other problems like images and links!)

Here at a new company I thought I'd look around again and found you. Amazing, wow! Please keep it up, it is a very neglected and necessary niche. Thanks for providing a great working HTML display, and thanks for making it in an easily extendible/customizable project for those niche features I might need.


I don't know if you are interested in contributors or feature requests, but doing a little acceptance testing, I've added two features that are useful for my report writing use:

  • GetImage() callback to let the parent "bridge" object resolve the image link. (The property and method features are really cool, on top of the embedded data link!) I needed a way to get misc images from a database, so I added an interface, and if the bridge object implements the interface, it has first dibs to provide the image object. It can also return an "unhandled" value and let the usual process take place.
  • .NET Colors - since I'm creating the Html from c# color and font objects, I added a call to Color.FromName(colorValue) before CssValueParser.GetActualColor() gives up and returns an error vale.
  • Also, I didn't see a way to specify an error image, so I'll probably add that before too long.

Not to meddle, and I'm happy to either share the few lines of code or let you put it on the "mabye" feature list. I'm just so happy you made it this easy!

Dec 11, 2012 at 8:33 AM

Really glad to hear, most of the credit belong to Mendez I only improve his amazing work.

I had the same frustrating problem for years, very happy it's helping you too.

Regarding the features:

  • GetImage() is something I'm working for, it will have much more complete image handling including the ability to replace the image using event. It will be available in a week or so.
  • .NET Colors - excellent feature, post the code snippet and i will add it to the project.
  • Error image - will have basic error icon if failed to load image or did you have something else in mind.

I really want to improve this project so file any bug or feature request in the Issue Tracker and I will work on it.